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Marcos Calvo García

Marcos Calvo García

IT Engineering Student   •   Android Lover

About me

Hi! My name is Marcos Calvo García. I'm an IT Engineering Student from Zaragoza (Spain).

I love to develop websites and Android apps. I thing that I was born for it!

You can see some examples of my work by clicking here.


  IT Engineering
San Jorge University (2016 - now)

  Mobile App Development Course
Complutense University of Madrid (2017)

  Introduction to Web Development Course.
Institute of International Economics (UA) (2017)

  Basic Digital Marketing Course
IAB Spain (2016)


  Freelancer (Mobile & Web App Dev.)
Marcos CG (2014 - now)

Fundación CEDES (2016 - now)

  Private Teacher
Home-based english and computing lessons. (2016 - 2017)

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San Jorge University (2016 - 2017)


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